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1237157_10153163291945261_817445106_nHi everyone, and welcome to Road to Yonder! My name is Danielle. This site is designed to be a place where travel tips, stories and experiences can be shared. Not only is it my aim to inspire you, but I wish to become inspired by you as well!

Who am I? I am an avid traveler, a lover of sun and the outdoors, and an adventurous soul. Why am I obsessed with traveling? Because visiting new places is a feast to the senses! Traveling is just about the only time all the senses are completely switched on, with all the new sights, smells, sounds, tastes and feelings. Such an engagement of the senses makes you feel alive, and that’s why I keep going back for more.

When it comes to traveling, I am a believer that it’s not always about the destination, but the journey as well. I want to show you that the road to yonder is sometimes just as exciting as reaching the destination itself. So far, my road has taken me to over 30 different countries across the globe, and I’m always excited about where the road will take me next. I have visited Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, USA, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and more! And, of course, my home country, New Zealand.

224516_10150354147510390_4300067_nI have grown up on planes, often making the long journey between New Zealand and Germany to visit family and friends living over there. But my first solo trip was at age 18, when after high school I decided to save up, take off and follow my nose around the world. I was young and naive, and man did I learn a lot in that time, about myself, others and the world! After six months of travel, when my cash finally started to run low, I decided to “do the right thing” and head back to my hometown in New Zealand to get stuck into a degree. It was good, but, my feet were always itchy! Hence, my next major travel experience came not much later, when I decided to head over to Germany for an eight month exchange program and travel stint. After this, I came back home again, graduated, but the travel bug hadn’t subsided. Finally, I decided to take a giant leap of faith and made a permanent move over to Switzerland, which is my current home base. And I haven’t looked back!

Where to next? I am currently finishing off a masters degree in linguistics, but when I’m not preoccupied with study, I am constantly researching new destinations, looking at flights, planning new trips and reminiscing over previous travel experiences. While this blog has been born out of a passion, I hope that in the long run, it can be a source which allows me to be on the move, explore new places and do what I love most as a full time job. Until then, I’m just living life and following the road to yonder!

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