How to keep fit while traveling

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Sometimes it’s nice to venture off on a journey or a holiday without a care in the world about keeping fit. But for those of you who will be on the road for a longer stretch of time, or who don’t want those months of building up your physical fitness to go to waste, following tips below ensure that you can maintain a good level of fitness whilst on the road. I will show you that keeping fit on your trip doesn’t have to be hard work, and can actually be a lot of fun!

Don’t forget, though, that it’s also important to let your body relax and indulge in drinks and local cuisine while away too. Putting too much pressure on yourself is counteractive and unnecessary, and more often than not, you’ll only end up disappointing yourself anyway. But if maintenance of general fitness is what you’re after, then following these tips will ensure you achieve this without it becoming hard work!

Build physical challenge into your trip

This is my favourite way to enjoy travel and feel fit and healthy at the same time! I love building a physical challenge into my trip, be it a long hike, bike ride or a mountain climb. This way, a day of intense sweat and adventure leaves me feeling free to chill for the next few days, knowing that I not only deserve it, but my body NEEDS it too. For me, these challenges have included climbing Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, spending the day biking around hilly San Fransisco, hiking in New Zealand’s mountains, and much more.

DSCN0704This can also be done on a smaller scale, if you’re not keen on a full day of action. For instance, on a recent trip to Croatia, I chose to get up early to beat the heat and go on a 3-hour hike up a nearby mountain. I was back before lunch, and enjoyed lying on the beach afterwards so much more as a result. And lets face it – what would you have done with that time otherwise, probably sleep in, right?

Explore by foot (rather than bus or train)

Particularly on city visits, this is easy to do. Rather than jumping from sight to sight via bus or taxi, wander around by foot. Taking in the new sights at the same time is also a good distraction – the time will fly before you realise you’ve already walked a whole heap of kilometres! There are also so many aspects of a new place you will pick up on when you explore by foot, because you can take your time, and there’s no disappearing into dark tunnels for underground transport. If you do need to make a trip via public transport, you can also jump of the bus a station early.

Opt for physical activities

Similar to the point above, choose to do physical activities during the day rather than ones that don’t require movement. Go for walks, go swimming, hire a pedal boat, walk up to that lookout instead of taking the cable car or visit that adventure park. Most of the time, you’ll be having too much fun to even realise that you’ve been working out. Keeping active during the day also means you’ll feel oh-so-much more deserving of that afternoon lying in the sun or indulging in food and drink in the evening.

Maintain elements of your regular exercise schedule

I put this tip last on the list for a reason. I don’t recommend forcing yourself to stick to a regular exercise routine, mainly because this is exactly the point of travel and holidays – to escape that routine and the feeling of HAVING to do something. If you’re feeling sluggish, or if it’s convenient, however, then go for a run or do some sit-ups, but don’t schedule your trip around the fact that you have to get that workout session in. Listen to your body, only you know what it needs.

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